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Hey There!


My name is Shelley and I am a self-taught illustrator.

While I have always loved being crafty, I did not begin illustration and painting until 2018.  I started with a 100 Day Project and have not stopped since.  I love the challenge of untying the complex knot of creativity, exploring new techniques, and the slow process of developing a style.  It is still evolving, but my work is almost always joyful, connected to the natural world, and inspired by an interesting story.

It took me 50 years to begin a path I knew I would eventually take.  My dream of making art in a studio full of light has just begun and I am so grateful you have taken a moment to peek at my journey.

Other bits about me…

I graduated USC in Business and worked 20+ years in entertainment, start-ups and automotive

I like order, logic, analytical thinking and numbers which I believe sometimes hinders my creativity

I am a fantasy, sci-fi, and period piece nerd

I avoid crowds and noise

I love games, board games, card games, brain games, video games

I live with my hubby and girls in our cozy home on a hill. We do our best to live a simple authentic life

Select Illustration Clients

Alpine Baby Company

ArtEco Designs



Kaseme Design

Slow Flower Society

Hudson Valley Seed Company

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